What Food Stuff Your Dentist Wants You to Avoid

avoid-these-foodsWhile most food has nutritional value that can keep you healthy and fit, there are some that will cause damages to your body. For example, there are foods that will deteriorate the condition of your teeth. The damages might even lead to tooth loss. There are even cases when the oral diseases that you suffer from will lead to more problems in the future significantly affecting your overall health. If you want to avoid a situation where you suffer from oral ailments, then you better avoid the following food stuff.

Sugary foods. The sugar component in the sugary food will just send the bacteria inside your mouth into a frenzy. In the midst of the feeding frenzy, these bacteria will then produce acids which consequently damage the teeth. It will eventually lead to the decay of your tooth. Realistically speaking, almost all food happen to have some form of sugar. Missing out on eating food with sugar will make you miss out on vital nutrients. You can just reduce those foods with added sugar then.

Hard candy. A lot of people have the habit of eating hard candy after a meal. The most common choices include cough drops and mints. You might think that sucking on hard candy after a meal is a good choice but it can actually do more damage than good. Avoiding hard candy can help you protect your teeth.

Sticky food. The reason why you should avoid chewy or sticky food is due to the fact that it will stay longer on your teeth and decay will become inevitable. Even when you diligently brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after you eat, the sticky particles will still remain. Examples of what you should avoid include sugary gum and toffee.

Acidic food. Food or beverages that are high in acidic content should be avoided as well. Citrus fruits, fruit juice, pickles, wine, and the likes can easily increase the acid level in the mouth. If you consistently expose your teeth to acid, the tooth enamel will be eventually eaten away. You can still eat citrus fruits and drink wine but it should be in moderation.

Supersized food. Supersized foods refer to fast food. Those people who are fond of eating fast food usually come down with a condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The said disorder causes facial pains and difficulties in opening the mouth. The fast food is just one common example of those foods that damage the mouth. You can take the hamburgers as an example. The hamburger will require you to open your mouth more than what they are meant to. If that happens, the mouth will be damaged.

You have to watch what you eat. Otherwise, you will end up not only with  tooth loss but mouth injuries too. The nutrition that goes to your body when you are eating should also be taken into account so that you do not end up ruining your health. Moreover, you better take advantage of some oral care practices to keep your oral health in good shape.


Simple Signs and Symptoms to Remember About Mouth Sores and Infections

mouth-with-cold-soreOne of the oral problems that will happen if you do not brush your teeth is mouth sores and infections. Without proper oral care, bacteria will accumulate in the mouth. They will especially hide themselves in between the teeth. If you do not take good care of your oral health, then these mouth sores will make you suffer for a long time.

Many types of mouth sores exist nowadays. These mouth sores will easily develop in or around the mouth. Most of them are actually very painful while some are considerably unsightly. You must be attentive to these mouth sores because of some of them may be signs of a more serious infection. In case your mouth sores still persist beyond 10 days, then it is high time to consult a dentist. The dentist can help resolve these oral problems.

It will be helpful for you to know the different types of mouth sores, as well as their signs and symptoms. It will be easier for you to handle the treatment of these mouth sores and infections if you have proper knowledge about them. By knowing these symptoms, you will also have an idea on what to do with them. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that come with having mouth sores.

First, there is the infection called candidiasis. Other people call this thrush. The candidiasis is basically a fungal infection occurring in the throat or mouth. The infection happens when there is a yeast overgrowth. If there are white spots on the tongue or inside your mouth together with some difficulty in swallowing and sore throat, then that is a sign of mouth infection.

Canker sores is an infection that should not be overlooked. The canker sores are those small white lesions or yellow center lesions that have a red border. These lesions usually develop on the tongue, in the mouth, inside the cheek areas, gum line, throat area, and lips. The canker sores are not contagious so there should be nothing to worry about.

Another one in the list of mouth infections is the cold sores. The said sores usually appear as a cluster of raised red blisters found outside your mouth. They are typically located around the lips. At times though, they will develop under the chin or under the nose. Do take note that cold sores are highly contagious.

Take note of the mouth infection called tooth abscess. The said infection happens when a bacterial infection hits the tooth’s nerve. The symptoms commonly showing for tooth abscess include sensitivity to cold or hot beverages and food, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and severe toothache. Suffering from tooth abscess can actually be very painful.

When you are suffering from any of these mouth sores and infections, you have to call your dentist immediately. Especially when you are suffering from extreme pain, the dentist can provide you with good advice for proper oral care as well as treatment for these infections. You will need to rely on the expertise of a dentist to be able to take care of the mouth infection and sores with ease.


9 Healthy Living Tips to Change Your Life in Less Than 10 Seconds

Close-up of a woman lifting weights

Everyone should aim to stay healthy. After all, being healthy means being able to do anything you want. If you do not want to be sickly and be cooped up at home or at the hospital, it is only a given to consider some healthy living tips you will live by. Here are some easy-to-follow healthy living tips that you can do in less than ten seconds.

  1. Drink milk. A lot of people think that eating morning cereal is enough to give you the necessary nutritional boost you need everyday. However, do take note that about 40 percent of vitamins found in the fortified cereals actually dissolve in milk. You better drink the leftover milk so that you can get the right nutrients from the food.
  1. When lifting weights, it is important to verbally express your emotions. Doing that will actually increase your muscle strength up to 25%. Getting someone to encourage you will also do well. You get a boost to your muscle strength up to eight percent. Encouragement from trainers or workout partners work really well.
  1. Drop some ice in your water. What this means is that, before and during your exercise routine, you should drink a few glasses of ice-cold water. The cold stuff improves your endurance up to 23%. The ice-cold water also forces the body to expend calories while it is warming up. This can then boost your metabolism.
  1. Bribing yourself will work too. You can have someone as a betting partner according to how long you can stick to the workout plan. People are competitive in nature so having a bet will increase one’s motivation. According to studies, people can achieve a 97% pass rate in such cases.
  1. If you are eating cabbage, it is better to eat the red one. The red cabbage contains 15 times more wrinkle-fighting beta carotene compared to green cabbage. On the other hand, the red bell pepper has up to nine times as much Vitamin C as the green ones.
  1. Having a hangover is caused by drinking too much alcohol. If you want to reduce the hangover’s severity, then eating asparagus should help a lot. The asparagus has extracts that suppress the free radicals and doubles the effects of the enzymes responsible for the metabolizing of alcohol.
  1. You should run properly. If you hear yourself running, then that means you are just setting yourself up for an injury. Such things happen when you pound on the pavement while running. That only happens though if you have a bad form. When running, keep the feet close to the floor and use quick, shuffling strides.
  1. Never buy wheat bread. Most of the time, the wheat bread you are buying from the market is just a white bread that is dyed with molasses. What you should look for instead is the bread labeled as whole grain or 100% whole wheat.
  1. After taking a shower, you have to dry yourself off from head to toe. This is important so that you do not catch a chill. Dry off from the head and neck first.

Three Things to Consider before Whitening Your Teeth

teeth-whitening-imageWe all want the perfect smile. We want to grin from ear-to-ear and light up a room. We want our smiles to shine and we want them to be pearly white. That is why some of us choose to undergo a teeth whitening procedure. Regardless of the exterior benefits, teeth whitening can be dangerous and costly if it is not done right. If you are about to brighten your smile, there are a few things you should consider before doing so.

  1. The Current State of Your Teeth and Gums

Be sure to think about the reasons for wanting or needing your teeth whitened. It could be that your teeth are discolored because of a serious health issue. Visit your dentist or an oral hygienist before opting for a tooth whitening procedure just to be on the safe side. Going through with teeth whitening while having tooth or gum damage can make matters even worse and cause severe pain or discomfort.

  1. Your Lifestyle and Habits

If you are about to get your teeth whitened, it is important that you also consider your habits and their effects on your smile. Smoking cigarettes, drinking tea or coffee, and consuming large amounts of sugar can wreak havoc on the health of your teeth. Doing any of those after going through with a teeth whitening procedure will pretty much defeat the purpose. Before whitening your teeth, try to change your habits so that you can keep your bright smile for longer.

  1. Your Budget

Some teeth whitening procedures can be quite costly, so keep that in mind when looking for the best option. In addition, certain techniques require you to keep multiple appointments for a full treatment – something that could put big strains on your schedule and wallet. Don’t forget to think about your budget before whitening your teeth, and never be afraid to speak to a dentist about your options. At-home whitening kits are always available and can be used easily as long as your doctor gives you the okay.

Bottom Line

You should not have to live with a dull or stained smile, especially since there are several teeth whitening options out there. However, being wise about it how you whiten your grin is very important. Going forth without caution can spell trouble, so be careful and consider the details before you do anything.


From Water to Weight Loss!


Drinking water does so much more for your body than you can imagine. Your body is primarily made up of water; it’s almost 55% of your body weight. The food you eat is also heavily made up of water; roughly 70% of it is water. Not only does it quench your thirst, but it can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, curbs your appetite, and cleanses your body from toxins. Not only that, but by increasing the amount of water you drink, you can shed off water weight because your body will stop restraining water! For some, drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses of water couldn’t be easier, but for others, some motivation is helpful. Here are some easy tips to help you drink more water and shed off those pounds:


1. Drop all those sugary drinks, and pick up a water bottle! By substituting sugary juices and sodas with water, you’re cutting out empty calories and you’ll have more energy in the long term. Sure a caffeinated soda helps give you a jolt of caffeinated energy, but nothing is worse than coming down from a sugar high! if the taste of water is too plain for you, try adding fruit and vegetables like berries, cucumbers, lemons, oranges, and fresh mint! You could also purchase a cute reusable water to motivate you to bring it along everywhere you go.

2. Drink a glass of water before you eat. Drinking water before a meal can make you feel fuller so your food intake decreases. By drinking water before each meal you could be avoiding roughly 75 extra calories per meal. Over one year that would equate to roughly 27,000 calories; that’s eight pounds!

3. Drink your water ice cold! By drinking cold water your metabolisms work harder to keep your body warm, so you’re burning more calories because your body is working harder. On the other hand, drinking warm water with, for example, green tea, keeps your body warmer and acts like a suppressant so you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

No matter how you’re drinking it, water is crucial when it comes to bettering your health, whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle. The consumption of water helps increase the rate at which our bodies burn calories. While these results won’t be immediate and you can’t expect to lose weight without exercise, drinking water will help fight those calories, keep you feeling full longer, and curb any unnecessary cravings. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and drink some water!


The Best Fat Burning Foods


Some foods can speed up the rate of metabolism that regulates your body’s fat burning ability. Although the permanent way of changing metabolism is losing or gaining weight, eating some foods provide your metabolism with a temporary boost helping you shed off some weight. Complex carbohydrates, dairy products, green tea, peppers, fish and proteins are some of the best fat burning foods that you can ever think of.

Complex carbohydrates are obtained from foods such as cereals, grains and berries. Since it takes time for your body to digest the, they give you a feeling of fullness after taking them. They help the body to burn fats by maintaining the insulin at lower levels that pumps up metabolism. In contrast, simple carbohydrates obtained from sugary foods such as soda and candy often rocket your insulin levels making your body to slow metabolism by storing more fats.

Chicken vindaloo Indian hot curryLike the spicy foods, caffeine speeds up the heart rate making your body burn more fats. The green tea contains an important chemical known as the EGCG that stimulates your brain as well as the nervous system to run quickly. This in turn, helps in burning the excess calories in your body. Combining the caffeine and at least 100 milligrams of the EGCG a day helps your body to bun approximately eighty calories. Taking into consideration that your body requires more energy to digest proteins than carbohydrates, the more proteins you take, the more you body works in order to digest those burning fats in the process. Good sources of proteins include fish, pork, beef, chicken, beans and turkey. In comparison with other types of meat, turkey has the lowest volume of calories per ounce.

Apart from being a good source of proteins, fish has omega three fatty acids that helping in regulating the level of leptin hormone. This is the hormone that determines whether your body burns the calories or stores them as fats. Sardines, salmon and tuna are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids. However, if you do not fancy seafood, taking fish oil supplements is inevitable. Calcium obtained from the dairy products such like yogurt and low-fat milk stimulate metabolism. Research indicates that consumers of dairy products lose twice as much as non-consumers of calcium on a daily basis. Spicy meals also boost your metabolism because spices contain a chemical known as capsaicin that speeds up the rate of metabolism. Examples of spices include habaneras, cayenne peppers and jalapenos. Taking these foods guarantees you a smooth journey towards burning excessive amount of calories in your body. For more diet and fitness tips follow this link.


Five Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy


Excess weight has become an issue of great concern in the present world. Being over weight has resulted to serious health issues that may at times be risky since it may lead to incapacitation or even death,blame it on the current lifestyle. This article will show how to lose weight in a healthy way and highlight different types of foods that will help you lose weight.

Regular exercise
Whether in a health and fitness class or on a personal body exercise program,taking regular physical body exercises remains a key contributor to a healthy body.Taking a walk rather than driving for short distances,jogging, as well as the use of a skipping rope are among the simple activities that can be performed at the convinience of one’s time,house or public parks.For these to effectively achieve the intended purpose,they must follow a regular,consistent and disciplined routine with regular evaluations.

eat-clean-2Healthy eating
The day to day eating habits will to a great extent determine the success or failure of a wait loss program.Therefore,it is crucial for anyone on such a program to religiously observe careful choice of what comes to the dinning table.It defeats all logic for one to go through a lengthy,stringent weight loss process only to regain the weight so lost over a couple of wrongly chosen meals.The following are examples of foods that will help you lose weight:-Broccoli,chillies,whole grain,green tea,lentils among others.

Plenty of water
Drinking plenty of water during weight loss programs has been seen to not only help shed the excess fats but also play a key role of maintaining a healthy balance in other necessary body processes thereby preventing a collapse of vital organs as a result of intense weight loss.

Seeking professional advice
The fact that there are numerous weight loss programs readily available and easily accessible not withstanding,it is worth mentioning that professional advice comes in hard for anyone committed to take up a successful and safe program that will not end up having other undesirable effects on the body.A professional advisor is in a better position to offer valid guidance on when to undertake certain body exercise and the best way to achieve the desired end results.

Work life balance
In most instances,stressful demands at the place work,coupled with extended sitting time while working result in unimaginable wait gains necessitating one to embark on serious weight loss programs.However,if such working conditions are not changed a vicious cycle of “weight gain- loss and gain again” results.This cycle can only be broken by ensuring a proper balance between work and other life activities.By observing this balance,one is not only able to ensure that gains from weight loss programs are sustained but also to maintain healthy balance in all the demands competing for the attention of an individual.

Having a healthy body and manageable weight are qualities to be proud of.These can be sustained through healthy eating,regular exercise,drinking plenty of water,observing proper work life balance and seeking professional advice where need be.Stay healthy!.


Teeth tips and facts

Teeth tips and facts
Do you want nice and beautiful smile on your face? Are you taking care of your teeth? Do you have any gum diseases? Well dental hygiene is very important for the health of your teeth. You
need to take care about your teeth and go to the dentist regularly. Not only if you want a nice smile with you irresistible white teeth. Also you don’t want any diseases and toothache which will make hard for you to chew food.112

When you wake up you don’t wait to brush your teeth after the breakfast. Do it as soon as you wake up. You need to brush away bacteria’s that has been formed in your mouth while you were sleeping. After you have eaten your breakfast you should brush it again and rinse it with a fluoride mouthwash. Do not rinse your mouth with water after you have brushed your teeth. In that way you will wash
away the fluoride in the toothpaste which is good for your teeth and prevent tooth decay. So instead of rinsing your mouth with water just spit out the excess toothpaste.

You should not brush your teeth as soon as you have finished eating You should wait 30 to 40 minutes to allow salvia to naturally neutralize the lowPH in the mouth caused by drinks and food
– before you brush it. If you brush it straight away you are making the teeth sensitive and weaker over time because you will wash the acid in your mouth which can cause you erosion and loss of
tooth enamel.

article-1113422-0308B1E1000005DC-968_468x332You shouldn’t brush your teeth after every meal.You should brush them two to three times a day. Over- brushing can result in gum recession and wear of your teeth. Brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening – the best time, and also 30 minutes after lunch and then rinse it with a fluoride mouthwash.

It is doesn’t matter if you use electric toothbrushes or manual toothbrush. Both of them are fine to use on your teeth. Of course you need to have the correct manual technique for the brushing your
teeth. If you don’t know ask your dentist to demonstrate it for you.

Change your toothbrush every three months at least, or even more often. Because after some time the bristles start to loosen and do not clean teeth or gums effectively. When you try to reach
tricky parts of the mouth, the bristles start to lose their effectiveness.

Always use softer bristled toothbrush because it is better to your teeth. If you are using hard bristled toothbrush you will damage the gums, protective tooth enamel and the root surface.How-can-I-get-my-kids-to-brush-their-teeth

If you are keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom, it needs t o be covered or kept in the drawer so it doesn’t pick up any unnecessary germs which can end up in your mouth.

Floss your teeth before you brush them to loosen any food remains. Flossing is like a pre-wash for the teeth. After you have floss them, brush your teeth and spit the toothpaste without rinse with water. In this way you will keep fluoride on the teeth and help to prevent to build up of plaque which leads to cavities.